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Smart Charging Initiative by Ubitricity and UK Power Networks Targets Peak Hour Demand

Smart Charging: How UK’s Innovation Is Steering Global EV Trends

Los Angeles, known for its sprawling metropolis and bustling streets, is increasingly embracing electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its commitment to sustainability. However, the rise in EV adoption brings its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of charging infrastructure and grid stability. This is where the recent initiative by ubitricity, a subsidiary of Shell, in the UK becomes particularly relevant.

Ubitricity, a prominent UK EV charge point operator, has embarked on an innovative journey with UK Power Networks to implement a pilot smart charging program. This two-year “flexibility tender” agreement is not just a leap forward for the UK, but also sets a precedent for cities like Los Angeles, where the EV market is burgeoning.

Understanding the Smart Charging Initiative

The program is aimed at reducing the strain on the electrical grid, a concern shared by metropolises globally, including Los Angeles. By shifting a significant portion of EV charging away from peak periods, ubitricity aims to manage the load more efficiently. This smart charging strategy allows for scheduling charging sessions to pause during peak hours, especially in winter when the grid is under considerable pressure.

While smart charging is already a feature in some home chargers, ubitricity’s approach to introduce it at scale on a public network is pioneering. This can significantly optimize EV charging infrastructure, making it more grid-responsive and sustainable.

Los Angeles and the Future of EV Charging

In Los Angeles, where EV adoption rates are among the highest in the nation, the lessons from the ubitricity initiative are invaluable. The city’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting green technology aligns seamlessly with the idea of smart charging networks. Moreover, as LA continues to expand its EV infrastructure, incorporating such innovative solutions becomes crucial for sustainable growth.

For those in Los Angeles, particularly EV enthusiasts and professionals in the EV sector, staying abreast of these developments is essential. Websites like provide a wealth of information and resources that can be instrumental in understanding and adapting to these global EV trends.

The Global Impact of Smart Charging

The initiative by ubitricity is not just a local solution but a global beacon. It demonstrates how smart technology can be leveraged to enhance the EV charging experience while balancing the grid’s demands. For cities like Los Angeles, this presents an opportunity to learn and perhaps implement similar strategies, catering to their specific needs and infrastructure.

“We are opening up opportunities for even more people through flexible charging. Widening participation in flexibility is a key part of our plan to keep connecting low-carbon technologies to the electricity network,” says Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Director of DSO at UK Power Networks. This statement resonates with the global EV community, emphasizing the need for inclusive and adaptable charging solutions.

Conclusion: Embracing Smart Charging in LA

As Los Angeles moves towards a greener future with more EVs on the road, the importance of smart charging infrastructure cannot be overstated. The pioneering efforts of companies like ubitricity in the UK provide a roadmap for cities worldwide, including LA, to develop an EV ecosystem that is not just user-friendly but also grid-friendly.

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