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California Embraces SAE’s New Wireless EV Charging Revolution

California Embraces SAE’s New Wireless EV Charging Revolution

In sunny California, where the electric vehicle (EV) culture is as vibrant as its scenic beauty, a groundbreaking shift is underway. SAE International’s new wireless EV charging standards, leveraging the Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS), are setting the stage for a transformative experience for EV drivers.

SAE International’s Wireless Power Transfer & Alignment Taskforce, including major automakers and suppliers, has been diligently working towards a seamless wireless charging future. Following extensive collaboration, DIPS has been chosen as the alignment technology for the revised SAE J2954 standard.

DIPS: A Game Changer for EV Charging

DIPS represents a paradigm shift in how we approach EV charging. This low-frequency, low-intensity magnetic field technology promises to make charging as simple as parking your car. With up to 93% charging efficiency, it’s poised to revolutionize the industry, especially in tech-forward states like California.

Given California’s diverse weather conditions and its leadership in EV adoption, DIPS’ adaptability and interoperability among various vehicle types is a significant advancement. The technology also aligns with the state’s commitment to sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.

Implications for California’s EV Landscape

As California continues to lead the charge in EV infrastructure, the introduction of wireless charging standards is a timely development. SAE J2954’s update will make wireless charging a reality in public spaces, further encouraging EV adoption among Californians who value both convenience and environmental responsibility.

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Embracing the Future of EV Charging

Jesse Schneider, Chair of the Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce, envisions EV charging to be as effortless as parking. Ky Sealy, Co-chair of the SAE J2954 Alignment and Controls sub-team, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the technology’s readiness for public infrastructure. Californians are set to experience this ease of use firsthand, marking a significant milestone in EV technology.

The updated SAE J2954 standard, expected in early 2024, will detail these specifications, paving the way for a new era of EV charging. California, with its innovative spirit and environmental ethos, is ideally positioned to embrace and benefit from these advancements.

Conclusion: A New Dawn for EV Charging in California

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