Volkswagen Phaeton concept, expected for 2015

Volkswagen Phaeton concept, expected for 2015
The Volkswagen Group had a whole lot and then more to show off at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. There were about a dozen vehicles rolled out at the pre-show VW Group evening, and then more once the show opened the following morning. For the Volkswagen brand itself, the new production Up! was the main focus, sharing the stage with the Nils concept, the Beetle R showcar and the Polo rally car. But there was, according to the UK’s CAR magazine, to be one more major debut.

That additional concept car would have been a preview of the next-generation Phaeton, but apparently VW’s corporate strategists opted to hold it back so as not to detract from the Up! runabout. Instead, it will likely show off the concept second-generation luxury sedan at another show in the near future, but the production model isn’t expected to come until 2015.

Source: Car Magazine

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